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Inservice for the Integration of Enga Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies in Schools is important. Culture is an important aspect of a society. A society without a culture has a lost identity. The Enga Takeanda (Enga Cultural Museum) has done a tremendous job of compiling resource books and teachers guides for Enga Cultural Studies. 

Cultural studies incorporation in schools is one of the initiatives of the Enga Provincial Government currently at its initial stage of implementation. EPG aims to value cultural studies in the schools in Enga. Today Mr. Martin, one of the members of the implementation team and a former school inspector, conducted an in – service at HLIS staff room on plans to teach culture in schools. The plan sounds workable for schools. 

In going through the Study Manuel with the HLIS teachers, Mr. Martin said that Enga cultural studies would not be a subject of its own, but would be a point of reference on relevant and related topics on the endorsed subjects taught in schools. Teachers can reference the Enga cultural practices from the resource books. For instance, there is a topic in grade 9 mathematics which requires knowledge on indigenous counting systems. When teaching the topic, the teacher can reference the counting system of Enga found in the cultural resource book. In that way, the knowledge of Enga culture will be taught inclusively in schools. 

Copies of the Study Manuel were distributed to the teachers present during the in-service. The team has already visited most primary schools in the province. They are now conducting in – services in all the high schools and secondary schools in Enga. The Manual outlines the correlation of Enga culture resource topics with school based subjects. 

Getting students exposed to culture is beneficial because; 
1. It teaches self- discipline. Cultures carry good values, morals and ethics which can influence students positively.
2. It enriches our young children with the rich Engan culture. It provides avenues for the rich cultures to be passed down to generations to come.

EPG wants all her citizen to be culturally oriented. 
Enga cultural Studies is yet to be endorsed by the Department of Education as a formal subject but there are conversations ongoing with the Department of Education to have it as a subject to be taught in the schools in Enga. 

The book titled ‘ENGA CULTURE & COMMUNITY WISDOM FROM THE PAST’ by Polly Wiessner in collaboration with Akii Tumu and Nitze Pupu, outlines cultures from all corners of Enga. The book was wonderfully compiled and it will be the reference for the Enga cultural impartations in the schools. The facilitator left some copies of the teachers guides and the book to be used at HLIS. 

Highland Lutheran International School acknowledges this initiative by the EPG and is looking forward to implementing cultural awareness in their lessons in the school.

HLIS Special Service of Tribute to Grand Chief Michael Somare

HLIS paid tribute to the founding father of Papua New Guinea, the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare today, March 10, 2021. 

The thme of the tribute was: “YOU ARE GONE BUT YOUR LEGACY LIVES ON”. 

The HLIS community (The Board, Teaching Staff, Students and the Support Staff) wish to convey our sincere condolence to lady Veronica, the children and the grand children of Late GC Sir Michael Thomas Somare. May the soul of our founding Father rest easy. 

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