Grades 7 – 10

Learning / Primary Outcomes

All learning at HLIS is centered in Christ.  The school follows the PNG Curriculum for the most part, adds international curriculum and content when possible, often employs text books from the United States and/or Australia and affords internet access for appropriate research activities.  The primary outcomes of the school are students who are

  1. Christian ambassadors;
  2. Effective learners and communicators;
  3. Open-minded thinkers and problem solvers;
  4. Active citizens of Papua New Guinea; and
  5. Principle centered leaders and followers.

A Total Experience.     The broad definition of curriculum includes all of the experiences of school, both planned and unplanned, in which a child participates during the school day. The program at HLIS is designed to fit the philosophy of the school, satisfy PNG requirements and meet the needs of the total child. The program is regularly reviewed and adjusted as necessary to maintain high standards.

Grades 7-10 at HLIS offers subjects leading to the PNG School Certificate including:

  • Christian Religious Education
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Making a Living
  • Personal Development
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Business Studies
  • Design and Technology
  • Art
Grade Seven students with Chaplain Rev. M. Pupu in the CRE classroom with new Bibles.
Mr Ruhup with three grade eight students (2017).
Grade Nine students with their Math teacher Mr. Pais.
Grade Ten students in Christian Religious Education (CRE) class with new Bibles.
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