New School Year and Principal

Highlands Lutheran International School (HLIS) has begun a new school year for 2021 with a new principal, Ms. Anna Blake. She is pictured above at her installation service at HLIS with Rev. John Pupu and teacher and congregation leader Pam Liu. The pictures below show (left) Pastor Pupu, Ms. Blake and Pam Liu at the installation service, and (right) former HLIS principal Henry Kapao shaking hands with Ms. Blake at the handover / takeover ceremony earlier this year.

Ms. Blake is from the Western Highlands Province, more specifically the Tomba area.  She has taught in secondary schools for 12 years and served as a deputy principal curriculum for 8 years. She is married with 7 children:  4 older students in college and university, and 3 younger children with her at HLIS Amapyaka. She writes the following.  

I am a Christian.  It is my prayer to uphold and continue the good work which was started here at HLIS by missionaries – excellence in education guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ – that we today do not waver from the center of the foundation of the institution – our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, pointing the young children in the right direction.

Some time ago, arson removed some of the early buildings, but they were quickly replaced by the Enga Provincial Government and are now in use. This year we moved the girls into their new dormitory. We also have the students from Enga Teachers’ College attending college out of HLIS. 

The immediate project I would like to see happen is the replacement of the Southern Cross water tank. The old one at the back of the boy’s dorm burst last year around October. I have also expressed concern over the current state of the boy’s dorm, the building hosting the kitchen & dining hall, which is sinking on one side, as well as several staff houses.  The Amapyaka House and the one at the far end where Pam is living are in dire need of renovations. We will look at starting some renovation work on the boy’s dorm and slowly to others.

There is also a plan by the previous administration and the Board to build a 6 in 1 staff house this year.

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