Pray for and Support HLIS

Primary Children in class.

Become a Partner in Mission with HLIS in Papua New Guinea!

“We the people of Papua New Guinea pledge ourselves united in one nation. We pay homage to our cultural heritage, the source of our strength. We pledge to build a democratic society based on justice, equality, respect and prosperity for our people. We pledge to stand together as one people, one nation and one country. God bless Papua New Guinea.”

So goes the Papua New Guinea pledge, spoken each Wednesday morning at a flag raising ceremony assembly at Highlands Lutheran International School, Amapyaka in the Enga Province of PNG. Here at this mixed curriculum kindergarten through Grade 12 institution, known by its acronym HLIS, some 150-200 students study a mixture of courses from English to basic math and even calculus in preparation for further learning at Papua New Guinea colleges and universities.

This vibrant learning community needs your prayers and your help to continue and maintain its mission and look for new ways to sustain and secure its ministry for the children of Papua New Guinea. The school, its students, parents and teachers and the people in the surrounding rural community pray for your support.

Please prayerfully consider if God is calling you to support this ministry.

To become a Prayer Partner or a Financial Supporter, please contact:

Highland Lutheran International School
P.O. Box 363
Wabag, Enga Province
Papua New Guinea
+675 7201 6641

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