Student Life

This page includes information about student life at HLIS as well as links to various picture galleries of student events and activities at HLIS.


Each Wednesday morning, school begins with an all-school assembly, when students sing the PNG National Anthem while the flag is raised, and then speak the PNG pledge, sing the HLIS school song and recite the Christian pledge.    


Bus Services
Four to five buses provide transport to and from students’ homes each day at HLIS.  Leaving early, the buses pick up students each morning and bring them to school, and then each afternoon return them to their homes.


Food Services
Full time cooks at HLIS create meals for dormitory students each day using  a full compliment of kitchen equipment.  Day students may eat lunch in the ding hall or bring their own lunch.


Worship at HLIS is central to the school’s Christian identity.  Each week there is an all-school chapel on Wednesday morning, morning devotions other days, weekend fellowship and Sunday morning services.  Below is a photo of a Wednesday morning all-school chapel service.

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