This section of the HLIS website contains information about why students might choose to attend HLIS, what they can expect when they enroll, requirements for entry to the school and rules and regulations normally expected of HLIS students.

New Students

Please consider attending Highland Lutheran International School (HLIS), where learning is a journey not a race.  At HLIS the day begins with an assembly and proceeds to exciting, enjoyable learning activities from solving math problems to drawing maps to exploring stories to games in the grass.

What can you expect if you come to HLIS?

  • Small class sizes and individual teacher attention
  • Regular Worship opportunities
  • A quiet rural setting conducive to study
  • Friendly teachers that are dedicated to your success
  • Hard work and demanding academic requirements
  • Learning with computers and access to the internet with teacher supervision
  • An opportunity to be prepared for National Exams
  • An opportunity to be prepared for a University education upon successful completion of the HLIS curriculum

HLIS offers students:

  1. Excellence in education guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  2. Regular worship opportunities
  3. Rigorous English instruction
  4. Sporting opportunities
  5. Computer access and information technology opportunities
  6. Liberal arts education that aims to develop a passion for life long learning
  7. A wholesome rural living and learning environment without city distractions
  8. Small class sizes with personal teacher attention
  9. Qualified, experienced, and caring teachers
  10. A faculty consisting of national and international teachers
  11. Living and learning with other tribes and cultures
  12. High expectations and disciplined living and learning
  13. A rewarding dormitory experience
  14. Educational and recreational extracurricular activities
  15. Sports days
  16. Track and field
  17. Debates
  18. Student Government
  19. Culture day
  20. Local Soccer League
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